New mobility service from Audi

Munich, 13 December 2016

An A4 please. On-the-go. What first sounds, like in a bad car advertising, becomes reality at Munich Airport now. There is namely the first site from Audi on-demand".

Order via Smartphone

To perceive the offer from Audi on-demand", one must find his desired vehicle via Smartphone app. The minimum rental period is one hour, are billed hours exactly, and there is no mileage limit. Audi attaches special importance to offer as many innovations that have recently celebrated premiere in the service. The location in Munich is the first in Europe, and follows the model of the American San Francisco. There's one since beginning of 2015 "Audi on-demand - service.

Price in the competitive environment

The service uses the only mid 2016 opened location by "myAudi sphere" at Munich Airport. There, you can also book his rental car personally, consult in matters relating to the vehicle purchase, or configure also an Audi with a virtual-reality glasses. The cheapest car in the current Audi rental portfolio is, by the way, the Q2. One hour costs 14 euros, 112 euros are due for a whole day. For comparison, a vehicle of the car-sharing service DriveNow costs also from 14 euro per hour. 360 euros on the day, or 45 euros for an hour, there is for the power wagon RS 6 Audi on-demand". (mf)