New mild-hybrid gasoline engine with a particulate filter in the E 350

Stuttgart, 26. October 2017

As much power as a six cylinder, but with much less fuel consumption to offer the new four-cylinder petrol engine in the Mercedes E 350 coupe and E 350 Cabriolet. The two-liter unit brings 299 HP and 400 Newton meters of torque and will ever consume to body version 6.7 or 6.8 liters on 100 kilometers. For comparison: The six cylinder model E 320 of the old E-class coupes had 272 HP a standard fuel consumption of 10.5 litres. The internal M 264 called aggregate is also used in other models such as the upcoming A-class.

48-Volt technology enables hybrid functions

The low consumption of the 48-Volt technology allows. In the case of equal Currents to four times the performance of a normal 12-Volt on-Board network can be used. Thus, a belt-driven Starter Generator (RSG), which enables an almost imperceptible start the engine. But, above all, the consumption of this hybrid functions as a Boost (drive support with up to 10 kW or 14 HP and 150 Newton-meters), recuperation (up to 12 kW) and sailing (Gliding with the engine off) sink possible. By the 48-Volt on-Board network make power lines can be thinner and thus lighter. Because at the same power, the power thickness is only a quarter.

Otto of the particle filter on Board

Pride of Mercedes is also on the high-litre engine power of about 100 kilowatts. To do this, Mercedes uses when charging on a twin-scroll turbocharger. Add to that improved air intake with a short air paths and an ultra-compact compressor housing. To reduce Emissions, a gasoline particulate filter. The new E 350 coupe costs 59.738 Euro, the convertible 65.212 Euro. Also new to the drive portfolio of the Coupé and the convertible of the E 220 d 4Matic and E 200 4Matic, which are, however, already in July 2017 in the price list.

SMS message in Park damage

Except for the extended power range, the coupe also offers additional options for customization. New new coatings are decorative elements in Red and silver as well as aluminium. The Cabrio gets the new Night package at the request of various glossy black Details. Choice of vehicle keys in White or Black gloss. Also new connectivity features around maintenance, as well as in the event of accidents and breakdowns and a Concierge Service. Practically is also likely to be a function that informs the driver via SMS damage to the parked car: The Sensors can detect if another vehicle is when Maneuvering the own hustle.

Six Comfort Programs

Like the S-class, E-class (sedan, wagon, coupe and Cabriolet) offers an optional Energizing comfort control. Thus, for example, air conditioning, ambient lighting, Massage and perfuming functions can be controlled together by selecting one of the six programs (such as Freshness, heat, or comfort).(sl)