New diesel cheating at Audi?

Ingolstadt, 8. May 2018

Audi has determined, according to its own statement: "abnormalities in the control software" in a V6 diesel engine, the outlet Version of the A6 and the A7. Is affected by the V6 TDI "Gen2 evo" with 272 HP. The finding was communicated according to Audi, the force travel Federal office. Also, the U.S. authorities ordered "Monitor" Larry Thompson, a kind of Watchdog in the VW group, has been informed.

In the case of internal investigations noticed

According to Audi, the abnormalities in the internal Checks of the engine and transmission combinations have been discovered. Then, the deliveries were stopped and the customer informed. Remedy is a Software Update that Audi wants to provide. Are affected according to Audi, around 60,000 vehicles. In Germany, the 272-HP Version was according to price lists only up until the beginning of 2016 offered.

Additive injection throttled?

The type of "anomalies" makes Audi. The mirror reported in its Online article from today's 8. May 2018, the Software would provide inadequate Adblue injection. Without naming a source, the news magazine writes, the Adblue injection will approximately be throttled 2,400 kilometers before the Depletion of the additive is so strong that the cat works only more restricted. So to prevent that the customer needs to refill the additive itself. The disadvantage is that the oxides of nitrogen escape unfiltered into the environment. Audi boss Rupert Stadler, the report is uncomfortable. It is because of the exhaust affair already for some time under pressure. The group chief Herbert Diess is not likely to be happy, because he had recently spoken of the group must be decent and honest.(sl)