New CLA on the Ring to get caught

Nürburgring, 28. June 2018

Gentlemen, as you can get, but really quite a mess. Eight variants of its new A-class aims to bring the Mercedes in next time on the market. A, A sedan, GLA, B, GLB, a number of AMGs ... and a CLA. Whether you need two sedans in the compact class, is a different question, but on a whole piece up, it seems to work with the E-class and the CLS. And so, the CLA is a sort of Mini-Me CLS. The latest spy pictures of the Nordschleife confirm the.

With a large tailgate?

In comparison to the recently in Shanghai presented A-class sedan, the CLA shines with a slightly kurvigeren roof line and a rounder, schneidigeren the rear of the CLS-style. In the pictures it is not out yet, but it could be that the new CLA gets a large, wide-opening tailgate. Practically, it would be all. A reasonable demarcation for the A-class sedan would be given. The predecessor had to make do with a conventional boot lid and a very narrow load opening.

Market start well-2019

Technically, the CLA uses the MFA2 platform, the new A-class. This means: Front - or all-wheel drive and four-cylinder engines with initially up to 224 HP. Later, the AMG are expected to follow variants of the CLA 35, with the 300 HP and the CLA 45 with about 400 HP. A Plug-in Hybrid is likely. The interior of the new A-similar class is very strong. This also means the use of the new MBUX-the infotainment system with its two up to 10.25-inch screens. If the CLA gets the inside a little fancier materials to its upscale "four-door coupe"Status, you see. The market launch of the most elegant A-class derivative, we expect early-to mid-2019. The A-class sedan will be 2018 at the dealers. Due to the enormous success of the current series, we should also expect a Revival of the station wagon-like CLA Shooting Brake.(sw)