New cars with best online discount

Kempen, December 9, 2016

You are looking for a new car, do not settle for but the non-binding price recommendations of the manufacturer? Finally, it is known that many car manufacturers give high discounts, to achieve their sales goals. Then, the search can be difficult, time consuming and risky. The solution is a convenient Internet platform like for example new cars There the comfortable search can be according to the appropriate request vehicle with best possible price discounts.

Brand new SUVs with high discounts

Current examples of compliant? The new SUV Skoda Kodiaq and seat Ateca are already available with high discounts of up to 18 or 26 percent to the respective list prices. The base price of the Kodiaq from the manufacturer? 25.490 euro. The Skoda currently already as 21.539 euro is to have new cars online. That's a saving of almost 4,000 euro or 15.5 percent. The base price of the manufacturer is at Ateca 19.990 euros. With the current discounts of new cars, there's the Spanish Tiguan rivals, however, from 16.591 euros. One advantage of 3.399 euro and thus 17 percent.

New cars by certified brand shops

Through the Internet site you can access around the clock on the offers by 33 brands and 800 models. These are exclusively to vehicles which are intended for the German market and are sold by certified brand dealers. Hidden costs, prepayment or advance payments? Error display. There's the full new car warranty and warranty as well as interesting leasing terms and financing through the manufacturer banks. The use of mediation on new cars is costly for customers, free of charge.

How does this work in detail?

First, his vehicle, the customer of new cars puts together according to his wishes and then receives a non-binding offer. New cars online sends a brokerage contract with all order-related data to the customer after acceptance of the offer. The customer signs it and tasked new cars binding, to obtain the desired new vehicle to a dealer to the agreed terms and conditions. The original invoice with the return of the customer finally ordered his new car from this dealer will send the customer affiliated the dealership. The payment for the acquisition of the vehicle. If a factory is required, for example at VW in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, so transfers of customers before the invoice amount to the merchant.

About new cars online

The platform used cars consists for three years. In autumn 2016, the coming out of a traditional family of auto trade Richard Raffay III took over the management. He says: "Trading has now accepted online brokerage platforms as a partner in the editing of the retail market and recognized the power of these portals." He sees the goal of new cars in a close partnership with powerful dealers in the entire Federal territory. With Hermann Wolters as sales director he brought one of the pioneers of online vehicle marketing at the page itself, which already sustainably has propelled the digitalization in the new vehicle market in the past. (ml)