Nel blu dipinto di blu

Milan (Italy), July 4th, 2016

"Volare, oh oh, Cantare, ohohoho, Nel blu dipinto di blu, Felice di stare lassù": almost everyone knows the refrain from the Italian hits of the 1950s. Blue painted in blue: so shall also the blue Bombardier Learjet 31 from the floor appear, which now represents garage Italia customs.

Not only cars, but also boats and airplanes

Behind garage Italia customs, Lapo Elkann, the favourite grandson of Fiat Patriarch Gianni Agnelli. The company is therefore actually more known as tuner of Fiat automobiles, but it wants to devote himself also boats, helicopters and aircraft. So it was now a Lear Jet 31 himself. The customized version was created for the Italian airline Avionord specializing in flights for private customers and companies, as well as ambulance services.

A special plane for businessmen

Because certain Avionord customers would rather travel in special aircraft, the company wants to transform its aircraft fleet with garage Italia customs. The first pilot, it met a Bombardier Learjet 31. This type was produced from 1987 to 2003. The business jet aircraft with two jet engines and short biplane wings reached a speed of around 900 km/h and offers space for up to eight passengers.

In many shades of blue

The special features of the aircraft begin already in the paint: the designer reached through a precisely calculated amount of paint a gradient from light blue to medium blue. In the cabin there are seats with diamond quilting pattern. They are covered with dark blue leather with light blue trimmed from the Turin manufacturer Foglizzo. The sides of the room are lined with a special leather that was modified with a printing technology, so that it runs to a bright sky blue from dark cobalt blue. The roof is lined with grey Alcantara of the leather-like Microfiber fabric is produced exclusively in the Italian city of Terni, so is an Italian product. Also replaced the older interior parts for new and a new carpet laid. The seats in the cockpit were covered with blue sheep leather.

Fire safety rigidities

The method out of the Interior was no matter of taste, also the strict fire protection guidelines for aircraft seat materials had to be kept. The newly streamlined aircraft is used by Avionord for flights within Europe, as well as targets in the Middle East and North Africa. Passengers should feel like an Italian hit: "Felice di stare lassù". Happy to stay up there. (sl)