NBA encounters Cavallino Rampante

Maranello (Italy), 26 July 2016

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend paid a visit to the Ferrari factory in Maranello recently. At the meeting of the ball and Motorsport legends, Bryant was able to convince himself of various Ferrari models and became very interested in the processes of the company.

Test drive and factory tour

After extensive testing in the brutally fast F12 Cheng on the in-house track in Fiorano and the new GTC4 Lusso around Maranello, the NBA legend visited also the production sites of Ferrari. Bryant was very fascinated especially by the technical, but also the design and historical aspects of Ferrari.

Photo-op before Enzo's Office

At the end of the classic Ferrari photoshoot was for Bryant: T flanked by a 488 GTB and a California posed the American sports icon in front of the legendary office building of company founder Enzo Ferrari. So, it looks so if a legend visits the other. (mf)