Nadeem 9-3: So Saab comes again

Trollhättan (Sweden), May 31, 2017

You sometimes wonder what happened to Saab brand? Now, after the bankruptcy of the Saab Automobile Division, Nadeem took over the rudder. Three companies from China is hiding behind it. The corporate headquarters and the Department of development remained in Trollhättan, as well a vehicle manufacturing. But in the Chinese 15-million metropolis of Tianjin and the province of Fujian more factories are to be built.

Nadeem instead of Saab

The reason for this is quite simple: several Chinese companies have ordered more than 150,000 vehicles of the type 9-3. Wait a minute! 9-3? There's ring for Saab fans, as was the last built middle-class model, appointed at the time of the bankruptcy was long thrived. The new 9-3-EV series appears to be published on the basis of 2002 and lifted last time 2011 9-3. An electric car so that can mean not Saab but because Nadeem has no brand use rights for 2014. These are off of Saab, which builds including fighter jets.

Electric starting 2018

Quite confusing so, which is why we prefer the known facts address. In addition to the 9-3 EV Nadeem, there will be a 9-3 x SUV which is apparently derived from the previous combination. Especially on the front one has completely redesigned both models. The electric range is 300 kilometers, 2018, the vehicles on the Chinese market to come. Included are a WiFi hotspot and a battery management via Smartphone. Important for smog-plagued commuters: A special filter system to rid the Interior of fine dust. The electric models in China are built, beginning June 2017 the 9-3 series will be officially unveiled at the Electronics Show CES Asia in Shanghai. (rh)