Much average, little runaway

Munich, 23 September 2015

When the days are getting shorter and the sun is gradually losing its force, then it's time to clean up the garage and the winter tires rummaging. Who now faces the problem that winter tires are not its age, for which the Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC automobile club have 35 different copies in the dimensions 165/70 R 14 and 205/55 R tested 16th Twice it came the grade "good" out 25 times, a " satisfactory" distributed, even a "sufficient" and four times the worst grade " deficient ".

Difficult development

The development of a good winter tire is always a compromise. He must have good handling characteristics in the most diverse weather conditions and coverings offer, but can not wear out too fast, too loud at the same time, or drive the consumption of the car into the air. Especially when tread of the tire shows the difficulty: Where help particularly deep and elongated grooves enhance snow and ice more lateral grooves to the wet traction. Even in dry conditions, the deep longitudinal grooves not beneficial.

Five times "good"

When format 165/70 R 14 ?? For example, for the VW Polo ?? included both the Goodyear and Michelin Alpin A4 UltraGrip9 from with an overall score of 2.2 ( "good" ). Goodyear reached top marks for wet handling and consumption, Michelin during wear. Likewise with "good" and a score of 2.3 of Dunlop Winter Response 2 was evaluated. Its strengths lie in driving on ice and snow, as well as in consumption. In the dimension 205/55 R 16 for the lower middle class get two brands, the overall grade of "good ": The Continental Winter Contact TS 850 creates Conti with top marks in the wet, snow and wear an average of 2.0 and the Yokohama V905 with above average good values ​​in dry conditions a total value of 2.4.

Few worse than "satisfactory"

25 of the 35 tires tested were of the testers rated " satisfactory". This high value on average rated tires arises because many producers take slight weaknesses in wet conditions in the purchase order to improve the properties of tires in the remaining test areas can. The verdict "sufficient" went into the subcompact dimension to the Matador MP54 Sibir Snow. " Poor " were in this size of Aeolus Snowace AW02, the Linglong Green - Max Winter HP and mentor M200. In the tires for the Golf class of Avon Ice Touring ST was 'poor' rated. They have all been graded because of significant deficits in wet handling.

Not neglect Midfield

Finally, the following tip: Know your driving habits, can find " his " tires in wide midfield. For instance, are tires that do not conclude with wear and tear with top marks, still very good as a cheap winter tires for a bit eventful second or third car. Specimens that are not perfect in ice and snow fit well into the requirement profile snow poorer areas. Thus we find also in the favorable range guarantees everyone a tire that suits him . ( mf )