Motorcycle study BMW Concept 9cento

Munich, 28. May 2018

At the Concorso d'eleganza Villa d'este (26. to 27. May 2018) gave BMW a view on a new sport Tourer motorcycle. The study Concept 9cento (spoken: nove cento, i.e., 900) to combine the Best of the segments, sports, Adventure, Tourer an all-rounder.

Good Touring Capability

Touring capability, storage space, as well as Wind and weather protection for most riders to be relevant, but are rarely considered in design studies, so BMW. The now presented Concept Bike combines these aspects with a dynamic Form. The angular Design combines a lot of volume close to the front with a fluffy tail. The suspension has been optimized with long-travel suspension for touring rides. Also the wind shield and fairing, as well as the relatively low, upright Seating position advantages on long distances.

Anklippbarer Double Case

A Highlight of the clip on the double case, which not only provides storage space, but also, the seat surface extends, so that you can take a pillion. If necessary, it is mounted in the rear carrier from above, with a strong electro-magnetic Element fixed at the bottom. The split headlights . a LED daytime running lights in a shallow U-shape, which is reminiscent of the headlights of the BMW car models has in the lower area. About two compact LED lenses per side for low beam and high beam. The tail-shaped LED lights as the two angle elements are executed and are located under the seat.

A sporty and urbane jacket

Fitting to the study, BMW has developed two Biker Jackets that mix leather and Kevlar textile. The sporty version is available in Black, Blue and White and has protectors on the shoulders. The second, light gray jacket offers an urban Chic. Here is a very soft, tactile quality of the leather was processed.(sl)