More unmanned than manned petrol station

There are currently in the Netherlands more unmanned than manned stations, reports trade association Bovag.

In the past fifteen years, the number of unmanned sites has increased fourfold, from 575 by mid-2003 to 2.098 branches at the beginning of this year. That is according to figures from trade association Bovag. The total number of petrol stations increased in this period by 2.7 percent to 4.121.

According to Bovag disappear the "classic small-shop" at the pump in high speed. At the manned stations will rise more and more full of convenience stores: in 2003, there were 293, and has since increased that number to 485 at the start of this year. In the past seven years doubled the share of large shops from almost 8 to almost 15 percent. In the meantime, there are over 300 of these tankstationswinkels with a surface area of more than 100 square metres.