More technology, new sports model

Schwalbach, 10 January 2017

Just in case, a little hard to do yourself while looking at the pictures: Yes, this is the freshly revised facelift version of the Jaguar F-type. It is really hard to see. Small Tip: The air intakes in the front bumper are different now. And otherwise? UM, say so: who worked initially reasonable needs correct later not like crazy. And at the F-type-design you can certify really reasonable work. We move on to the really important things so quickly. To the brand new model of sport, for example.

New 400-Horsepower version

This listens to the name '400 sport", which mainly related that the familiar 3.0 litre supercharged V6 here can make 400 Horsepower. These are 20 more Horsepower than it was previously maximum possible. Also sports benefits the 400 20-inch, a rear axle lock, the more prominent sport design package, a "high-performance braking system" and "configurable Dynamics", which should probably mean that he has larger brakes and adaptive dampers. The 400 sport comes only with the automatic, all at prices 99.350 euro and temporally limited to the model year 2018 (say: on this year). Another new feature is the "R"dynamic-line, which is available for all F-types with 340 and 380 HP. R-dynamic means 19-inch wheels and gloss black lacquer front splitter, air intakes and diffuser.

New LED lights and lighter seats

The new LED headlights, which are now available on the whole range of models promise more visibility. Inside, there are new "slimline"-stalls, convenient and above all supposed to be easier to eight kilos than the old seats. In addition the magnesium-aluminum chairs create five centimeters more space behind the back cushions, what will enjoy especially the right hühnenhaften F-type prospects.

As 66.200 euro

The probably most decisive refresher on F-type but concerns the Infotainment System. Out with the old, rather stolid part, in with the new, significantly faster "InControl touch Pro". And as a standard for all F-types. The new touch-screen system is operated like a Tablet PC and is now delivering e services such as traffic and weather reports thanks to 4G-Verbindung in real time or Google Street view. In addition, there is a new feature that integrates a GoPro camera with the help of the so-called "ReRun" app. The app combines the filming with driver information such as speed, accelerator pedal position or G forces and delivers all of this directly at the own Smartphone, from where one can share his driving effusions socially. The Jaguar F-type-face lift starts in the first quarter of 2017 to prices from 66.200 euros for the 340-Horsepower Coupé. 800 euros are more than before. (black & white)