More Mondpreise at Bonhams

Knokke-Le-Zoute (Belgium), 11 October 2016

Regularly completely fine Mondpreise be paid at auctions of vintage cars, young timers or rare special models. On 7 October 2016, such a sale event of the British auction house of Bonhams took again place on the Belgian coast in Knokke Le Zoute. Especially German vehicles were this time sensation, because three Porsche models and a Mercedes reached new record prices.

Porsche 356 WINS record

A 1955 Porsche reached the highest sale price 356 "pre-A" 1600 Speedster. The copy with matching numbers and matching colors was until 1958 in the hands of the Belgian racing driver Yves Tassin. After the car received an award last year for "As restoration" at the Concours d ' √Člegance in Zoute, he changed the owner now for fabulous 586.500 euro.

A 190,000 euro new car for half a million

However, despite the high price, the Porsche 356 was not the real highlight of the auction. The star was not a classic, but a brand new Porsche 911 R of the year 2016. The purist model 991 - series was offered until half a year ago. Before the production he was already sold out on 991 piece limited edition 911 R. The MSRP of the manufacturer at the time? 189.544 euro. Bonhams expected with a retail price between 250,000 and 350,000 euros. When the hammer finally fell? Fabulous 483.000 euro.

Cheaper, but just as record

Slightly less costly (but not less exciting and record breaking) was a 1987 Porsche 928, which was auctioned for 253,000 euros. The ClubSport model, the Porsche built only five prototypes for corporate members test driver, once belonged to the five-times Le Mans winner Derek Bell. Last, but not least, a Mercedes in 1969 recorded a new price record. A 280 SL pagoda manual five-speed transmission was for legendary 230,000 euros under the hammer. (ml)