More Driving pleasure

Lennestadt, 7. July 2017

At first glance, the BMW X1 is the derivative of the X-series. However, the height of an SUV, and its comfort-oriented tuning as some of the agile BMW-Feeling miss. Therefore, the suspension-professionals from H&R give the car with custom springs and more sportiness.

Less side slope and better optics

The sport springs are designed specifically for the X1 and the combination with the serial dampers. H&R lowers the vehicle's center of gravity to the front and rear by about 30 mm. This makes for a noticeably more sporty road holding and less roll when cornering. So more pleasure on the Go – and you can see the X1, even The wheels are saturated in the wheel arches, deeper provides a more dynamic appearance.

Pass in exact alignment with

"Trak+" wheel spacers, H&R of 22 to 50 millimeters per axis, for the model offers, Original or aftermarket wheels fit perfectly to the wheel well align the edges. And what is the cost? It remains affordable. The sport springs for 273 euros, and the wheel spacers are from 85 euros per axis.(sl)