More Audi SUVs in the coming

Ingolstadt, 11 April 2017

You can actually already in smile, but honestly: the niche, which has still not been found by German premium manufacturers, has yet to be invented. Where: In the niches, invent one has been there for years also quite far forward. This of course also applies to Audi. And for their desire to omit no number behind a Q. Where Q is an SUV from quite small (Q2) is to fairly large Audi (Q7). Additionally or in between you can see but still enough room for new in Ingolstadt. Why it has confirmed us now fix two new models of the popular SUV Coupé genre. The huge Q8 is 2018. A year later, the smaller Q4 is it.

More Q7 Coupé

That both would come, was already in the air. Audi anticipated sports concept the Q8 last at the Geneva show 2017 with the Q8, which can be admired in all its yellowness in our picture gallery. His extroverted styling promises a bit of variety in the very last unit pulpy Audi Design. It remains to be seen whether the production version however (apart from the flatter roof line) too much will stand out from the Q7-look. Also the Q8 in the Slovak Bratislava by the band will roll like the Q7 technology brother. Also an opulent SQ8 may be only a matter of time.

As an off-road TT?

The new Audi Q4 will be made, however, in Györ. Audi says the "sporty" Q4 will "find its place between Q3 and Q5". That is hardly surprising given the startling fact that the number four between the three and of five is. He will however prominent Coupé notes as the two. Perhaps he looks like a small Q8, perhaps also like the TT off-road concept (also in the Gallery to see), 2014 at the motor show Audi showed in Beijing. The only thing a Q1 and a Q6 are missing. Also this should be only a matter of time. (black & white)