Mobile Bistro for more than just hot dogs

Cologne, April 7, 2015

For a car manufacturer from a country which prides itself on its cuisine, and a producer of famous pepper mills that was sometime due: a Peugeot, which bridges the gap between fine dining and cars. Now the time has come. The Peugeot Food Truck is a truck that can quickly be converted into a bistro. The " Bistrot du Lion " The Lion brand should of course not be a simple snack stand, but offer fine dining.

An expert study?

But the car could also be a foretaste of the next generation of the Expert. Its second generation as the identical Citroën Jumpy since 2007 on the market. A renewal could not hurt so. At the now published study Peugeot praises the compact city and so friendly body. The short overhangs for better maneuverability, the long wheelbase provides ample usable space, says the manufacturer, but remains the extent guilty. Arrived at his place, the food truck exerts its "wings" to twice the width. Adjoining rooms for preparation and consumption of food and beverages mobile Bistro also offers a music lounge.

With Brutzelgeräusch transmission

The kitchen equipment has professional quality and is very versatile, so that fusion and molecular gastronomy are possible in addition to normal star cuisine. One of four grill and induction plates and a deep fryer available, an extractor ensures clean air. Inventories can be refrigerated in 400 liter underfloor, drinks come from the 350-liter drinks fridge, and a professional espresso machine ensures the after-dinner coffee. The Food Truck has dishes for around 30 people on board. You can take part in outdoor tables under umbrellas space. Over a 46-inch screen eaters get with every hand movement of the chef, a sound system with 40 speakers transmits each Brutzelgeräusch.

Always the right grains

With the inauguration of the bistro cooking culinary Sven Chartier has been entrusted by the restaurants " Saturne " and " Le Clown Bar " in Paris. He also uses the new salt and pepper mill Milan from Peugeot, which was created especially for the food truck. The mills are covered with French beech wood and deliver six different grind settings always the right grain size, says the manufacturer. Was designed by the Roll Restaurant Peugeot Design Lab, which resides in Paris, Shanghai and Sao Paulo. It has a similar function as the Porsche Design GmbH: Founded in 2012, it developed for corporate clients such as Bombardier, Quechua or Airbus products, services and " Experience" of any kind ?? only with cars, the designers have nothing to do.

Energy for Life

Peugeot will now make the new kitchen equipment Parisian fast-food restaurants competition? No, not Italian. As of April 14, 2015, the Food Truck will initially be guesting on the Milan Design Week and then move to the French Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. " Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life " for their motto fits the mobile kitchen well . ( sl)