Mini electrifies the Original

Munich/New York (USA), 27. March 2018

Should you are in New York, then do not be surprised if a strange quiet, gaudy red classic buzz Mini. You should see the patinated dwarf with a plug in the rear at a charging station, slouch, is also all right. Mini has today the beginning of the end of New York Auto Show in 2018 (for the audience, the fair is between 30. March and 8. April opened) simply one of his originals to the so-called classic Mini Electric rebuilt.

The technology remains a mystery

As the basis for the classic Mini Electric is a 1998 classic Mini Cooper. Engine, exhaust, Tank, and radiator flew out of there. The usual Mini Emblem has been stolen. Instead, he now carries the new Mini-Electric-Logo for a walk. The 30 Lithium-Nickel-phosphate-batteries accommodate, had to be removed the rear seat. The range is 100 km, the maximum speed is 120 cases, and the Charge from a household socket takes four hours. The power Mini is silent, unfortunately. It is only the speech that "the spontaneous onset of power of the electric motor is to provide a new Dimension of the unmistakable go-kart Feeling". We dream in the short and in front of us, he would have anchored the drive package of the BMW i3s in the Depths of his knäpplichen body. With 184 HP and 270 Newton meters away from Zero, it would turn the 770-pound classic Mini Electric though probably only in a circle, but for sure very very fast.

In 2019, the "correct" electric Mini is coming

Keep said drive anyway in the back of the head. Because what's going to do it, this classic Mini Electric actually, anticipation fueling. Anticipation of the first "real" Mini Electric, which will run from 2019 on the Basis of the current Mini to Oxford by the Band. And would the electrical package of the i3s excellent to face. The 33-kWh battery could not convince with a real range of 250 to 300 kilometers just a city driver. And maybe the ansatzlos onset of the Power of the electric motor returns to the Mini Yes the spontaneity and Wuseligkeit, he has lost over the last, always luxurious'll model years a bit. A good impression of the appearance of the first E-Mini, the "Electric Concept", the British showed at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017 has already delivered. If you wish, but rather according to E-mobility classic-Mini-robe, we have to disappoint you, unfortunately. The classic Mini-Electric, built by the German company, Old-young timer, it remains a single piece.(sw)