Mercedes Concept IAA: Transformer Silver Arrow

Frankfurt / Main, September 15, 2015

With spectacular Mercedes study is the car show IAA traveled ( 17 to 27 September 2015): the four-door coupe thoroughbred named " Concept IAA ". The abbreviation is not ( as one would expect ) for the International Motor Show, but for " Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobiles ". This describes a number of clever features that are intended to help the Silver Arrow to a remarkable drag coefficient of 0.19.

Movable Parts

By pressing a button or automatically from 80 km / h concept car is to our Transformer: At the rear drive eight segments and extend it by up to 390 millimeters. Front slide flap of the bumper 25 millimeters outwards and 20 millimeters rearward ?? which aims to improve the flow of air at the bow and the front wheel arches. A lamella in the bumper pushes around 60 millimeters rearward, thus optimizing the flow to the underbody. Even in the rims there are moving parts that are subject to change in favor of aerodynamics.

Communicating with other cars

As might be expected, the flat four-door technique has more of the near future of motoring. Thus, the study has a car-to-X technology, through which the car can communicate with other vehicles or other sources of information. To ensure that accidents are to be avoided, eventually the system detects obstacles or events that themselves are still invisible to the driver.

Forecasts for the E-Class from 2016

While the futuristic design probably the Concept Car is reserved primarily provide both networking, and operating concept and cockpit a pretty concrete foretaste of the upcoming E-Class. How the Concept IAA suggests many of their functions via touch surfaces are operated. To be found at the two-spoke steering wheel touch buttons where you can scroll through the two displays menu in the instrument cluster.

Plug-in hybrid with 279 hp

The Concept IAA is 5,040 millimeters long ( 5,430 millimeters in aerodynamics mode ), 1,995 millimeters wide and 1,305 millimeters high. Its wheelbase is 2,975 millimeters. It is powered by a duo of petrol and electric motor. The plug-in hybrid drive powert with a total output of 279 hp and enables a top speed of 250 km / h. In aerodynamics mode, the study should come purely electric 66 km far and emit 28 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Are the special air duct extended to get 62 km far and there are 31 grams of CO2 emitted . ( hd )