Mercedes CLS 2018, the attached is a teaser

Stuttgart, 20. November 2017

For nearly seven years, the second Generation of the Mercedes CLS is now on the market. In other words, The successor is already waiting to be tense in the start and want to finally get out. He may also soon. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, 2017 (1. to 10. December), to be exact. Because it will take until then, but still nearly two weeks and it is the Mercedes managers will not stand obviously, you provide us now with the first two official Teaser images of their brand-new four-door coupe. To see: The new Front and a section of very stylish futuristic cockpit.

New face, familiar interior

The view on the front of the CLS in 2018 is, in fact, pretty innocuous. You can see the currently typical Mercedes coupe grille and a new headlamp look with a kind of "L"-light signature. More exciting it is when you look in the interior. The gigantic combined Display instruments and Infotainment biased together, we know already from the S - and E-class. In the new CLS (at least in this picture) is framed for more spice, with red ambient lighting. This is also found in the ventilation nozzles, which are already out of the E-class coupe and a convertible known. A sporty-looking Carbon-decor will be in the CLS.

More technology from the S-class

A Inidikator for the new Mercedes CLS supported also in the case of the S-class technique, is shown Energizing comfort System. It debuted in the S-class Facelift and together spanned all of the available comfort systems such as air conditioning, ambient lighting, seat heating,-ventilation and-massage, as well as the audio system to provide the passengers with a tailor-made relaxation programme.

No eight-cylinder more

What affects the motors of the 2018er-CLS, we expect the new in-line six-cylinder gasoline and Diesel from the S-class. For the base models, supercharged four-cylinder should be used. A successor to the AMG CLS 63 is unlikely, because this would be too close to the upcoming AMG-GT-four-door. The new Flagship model is the AMG CLS 53 with a six-cylinder Hybrid and the 500 HP. The combination-similar to the CLS Shooting Brake is cancelled due to a lack of demand from the program.(sw)