Mercedes C-class: Lifting for two-door

Stuttgart, 21. March 2018

Anyone who says C needs to say C: After the recent Facelift of the Mercedes C-class sedan and T-model, one could imagine that soon the two-door versions will follow. Coming soon: At the New York International Auto Show, in short, NYIAS, debut at the end of March 2018, the coupe and the Cabriolet, with a new Look.

More LED on the C

Where new Look is almost a bit exaggerated: At first glance, the sleek C-classes hardly differ from their current brothers. The Changes include new bumpers and now standard LED headlights. At the rear, Mercedes has the LED units modified a bit, the gasoline on a two-pipe exhaust system.

On request, very digital

Inside, a Keyless-Go start function series, the newly redesigned start button to remind you of a Turbine. The most obvious Change is the optional 12.3-inch instrument display with three different views. A new 10.25-inch screen for the center console. Both charge but is subject to standard analog instruments and a Seven-inch Monitor. Always on Board, a multifunction steering wheel with a small Touch. Almost revolutionary: The steering-column lever for the cruise control is on its way out, the operation is done directly on the steering Wheel. Be upgraded to C-class Coupé and Cabriolet in terms of active assistance systems, in certain situations, a partially automated Driving should be possible.

Gasoline engine with electric Boost

In the case of the engines a lot going on: Under the hood is a new Generation of four-cylinder moves-petrol-called the M 264. These are motors with 1.5-Liter and two liters of displacement, in the latter case, they are called M 260. First, a 1.5-litre unit starts with 184 HP C 200 is also available with all-wheel drive available. The special feature: in addition To the regular 184 HP extra 14 HP (10 kW) from a 48-Volt System with belt-driven Starter-Generator. Thus, the short Moment to be bridged to the structure of the full-Turbo-load pressure. Also coasting with the engine off is possible. In Europe, all petrol engines are equipped with particle filters.

Clean Diesel in the 220

And the Diesel? He gets the particulate filter anyway, but at the same time, he is trimmed from Mercedes to more efficiency and cleanliness. To inform it of the OM 654 in the C 220 d. He has just two liters of displacement, but with 194 HP is significantly stronger than the previous 220 Diesel with 2.1 liters of displacement, which came to 170 HP. The CO2 emissions it is estimated to be 121 to 136 grams, depending on transmission and body variant. The new 220 d to meet the emission standard Euro-6d-Temp. More power is also available for the three-litre V6 petrol engine in the C 43, namely, 390 instead of 367 HP. In July 2018, the revised C-class-double should not come on the market, prices Mercedes announced yet, so far, the C starts 200 coupe in 38.056 euros, the C 200 Cabriolet is 44.750 Euro.(rh)