Mega exige of even easier, faster and downforciger

Hethel (England), 21 April 2017

We don't know what Lotus engineers to work in their local pub so to take, but this stuff seems to work. How else would you get the idea, taking the exige completely crazy, brilliant acting, way too fast, and racetrack ready sport 380 and in almost all areas to make them clearly crazy? Now, the very verspoilerte result goes by the name Exige Cup 380 and according to Lotus is "the fastest on the track, the route around and the track back".

200 kW output

Sounds promising and has to do primarily with two things: weight and output. Just see the body. The output could be improved by 43 percent. A new Motorsport diffuser, a massive front splitter, as well as snippets of the wheel arches are to blame for this, similar to that seen by the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The top speed of 282 km/h is pressed the Exige Cup 380 now with 200 kilos in the street. Or in the circuit. Likely in the circuit. But even though she really looks, this exige actually has a street legal.

Significantly more carbon

More downforce means more leeway for the benefits of the mechanical grip. To make the tires on the height, Lotus bought wider 285er tires (instead of 265er in the exige sport 380) on the rear axle. All-around Michelin-pilot-sport-Cup-2-Semislicks are used. Lotus with a whole armada of carbon on the collar is the "normal" 380 already ridiculously low weight. The side air intakes, the engine cover, the roof, the monumental wing and feels like 95 percent of the Interior are now made of carbon fiber. If you decide for all, resulting in additional Lotus diet measures on the option list (a titanium exhaust system or the Elimination of driver airbags, for example), hitting the Exige Cup 380 at pretty anorexischen 1.057 kg dry weight.

Traction control as in the AMG GTR

As for the drive, everything, however, remains. It is important to welcome. The appealing razor-sharp 3.5 liter supercharged V6 bringing it as usual to 380 HP and 410 nm. He is linked to a fine six-speed manual transmission, which sits in a much finer open gate. In the best case is the Sprint from 0-100 km/h after just 3.6 seconds done, a tenth earlier than at the exige sport 380. rather in turns interesting: how at the Mercedes-AMG GTR offers Lotus in the Cup 380 a little wheel beside the steering wheel, with which you can gradually adjust how much slip you would like to by the traction control. Just about make out and completely rely on the own heroics on the steering wheel, is of course.

109.900 euro

If you have now spontaneously fell in love so much light, output and quality of track then you be said: you better hurry! Lotus will be producing from the Exige Cup 380 namely just 60 copies. It's hard to tell how many of them come to Germany. The retail price is definitely 109.900 euros. These are again 20,000 euros more than it must shell out for the exige sport 380. But where do you get something roughly comparable? Possibly in the future Porsche Cayman GT4 RS. He is likely to be not much cheaper. Probably faster and be out of stock than you can say Cup 380. (black & white)