McLaren 675LT: Light Devil

Woking / UK, 25 February 2015

It's hard to decide which ( 5 to 15 March 2015) is the hottest of the McLaren innovations at the Geneva Motor Show. Because the British traveling with two super-cars to Lake Geneva. One is called P1 and GTR is a motor designed for racing hybrid burner with 1,000 hp. The 2.5 - million - projectile is however offered and sold, which already have a P1 only to those 375 people. The second highlight of the fair is aimed at a slightly wider range of customers: The 675LT is the new member of the so-called McLaren " Super Series ", which includes the 650S and the Asia version 625c belong.

Revived traditional name

The name " 675LT " stands for 675 hp and " long tail ". Literally translated, this means " long tail ". The addition Longtail redeemed at McLaren fans from shivers: even before almost 20 years there has been a super lightweight special edition of the victorious at Le Mans F1 GTR, which was called because of their elongated body and the big spoiler Longtail. It should interface with the newcomers. In order to meet its historical predecessor justice, the 675LT was systematically tuned to lightweight. Compared to the 650S weighs thanks Carbon attachments and a titanium exhaust system around 100 pounds less and now brings dry 1290 kg on the scale. And: The aerodynamics were honed again ?? McLaren promises up to 40 percent higher output. During deceleration helps the active " Longtail "-Luftbremse by swirled Carbon rear spoiler and the wind is opposed. This system is also available in 650S, the spoiler is there but smaller.

Twin-turbo V8 rumble can be 700 Nm

Added to this is a real banger engine: it is the 3.8 - liter twin-turbo from the 650S, which was honed with lightweight components and new turbochargers. In addition to the mentioned power of 675 hp at 7,100 rpm patters 5500-6500 tours a maximum torque of 700 Newton meters to the crankshaft. The power to weight ratio of only 1.91 kilograms per hp ?? which is less than the Porsche 918 Spyder with 887 hp ( 1.93 kilos / hp) or the 740 hp Ferrari F12berlinetta (2.06 kilos / hp). Accordingly, the performance of the gigantic 675LT 2.9 seconds, the sprint takes to 100, after 7.9 seconds, 200 km / h and the top are 330 km / h in it.

Not yet known if price

The 675LT is offered only as a coupe and is still in the course of 2015 have its market launch. The price has not been announced, but is expected to top the of 650S Coupe ( 231,500 euros ) and 650S Spider ( 255,000 euros ) by far. All 675LT are equipped with two ultra - light carbon seat shells together with Alcantara cover. Customer incidentally have the choice of five " By McLaren "-Ausstattungsvarianten with various special finishes, including the legendary McLaren Orange belongs . (HD)