Mazda SUV goes into the next round

Los Angeles, November 18, 2015

After the current Mazda CX-9 made ​​his debut back in 2006, it is time for a successor. At the Los Angeles Auto Show ( 20 to 29 November 2015) of these can now be seen. The crossover SUV with three rows of seats 2016 arrive at US dealerships. A European version is not in sight.

Noble interior

In the interior especially the rising upwards center console falls on. Enveloped in rosewood and aluminum sprayed the central element of a touch superclass. Even the dashboard and trims the noble materials find. Together with Nappa leather seats Mazda has put together a high-quality interior. An improved sound insulation is ensured in excess of 24 kg insulating material under the vehicle. In addition, the windows were 4.8 millimeters thick. The three rows of seats can accommodate up to seven passengers. The folding mechanism of the third row should be child's play in the truest sense of the word to use. USB ports in the rear armrests provide opportunities for charging a smartphone or tablet.

Many advancements

Even from the outside of the CX - 9 has evolved. The long hood turns into a curved cabin. Short overhangs provide a dynamic look. Overall, the CX-9 is 30 millimeters shorter, the wheelbase has been, however, will be delayed by 55 millimeters. There are both 18-and 20-inch wheels available. The large, trapezoidal grille is flanked by standard LED lights. For the existing color palette is now added the new color " Gray Machine ". Compared to its predecessor, the Mazda was facilitated in the front wheel drive version by 90 kilograms. With all-wheel drive, the difference is even more bigger. There 130 kilograms were saved.

New motor

The engine of the CX - 9 is a complete redesign and answers to the name " Skyactiv-G 2.5 T ". As the name suggests, it involves a 2.5 - liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The special feature: Through dynamic turbocharger boost pressure can be built up extremely quickly and a quick response can be guaranteed. 253 hp and 420 Newton meters tickles Mazda out of the unit. A six-speed automatic transfers power to the front axle or optionally with the " i - Activ "-Allradantrieb to all four wheels. This scanned 200 times per second the roadway in order to distribute the driving force can always perfect. The package of driver assistance systems include a Totwinkelwarner, a distance cruise control, a lane departure warning, automatic high beams and a city emergency brake . ( mf )