Mazda presents the Koeru

Leverkusen, September 15, 2015

At the IAA ( September 17 to 27 2015) in Frankfurt, Mazda the newest concept vehicle of the brand before: the Koeru. He will provide a glimpse into the future of the Japanese automaker.

Modern look

The name of the crossover concept means " surpass anything " or " go one step further ". With wider body and a flat passenger compartment of Koeru acts in any case already modern and fancier than the current models CX - 3 and CX. 5 21-inch wheels fill the fender well. The LED light rings in the front provide, together with the large grille for a considerable overtaking.

Aerodynamic and innovative

The body of the five-seater is to ensure, through an optimized airflow over the car and oppressed turbulence including more stability at higher speeds. Moreover, special technologies will contribute to the reduction of noise and vibration inside the 4.6 - meter - long vehicle. The structure of the chassis and body will be both lightweight and high strength, Suspension and steering also especially designed to meet the needs of the driver. Innovative and efficient engines with the latest technology to propel Skyactiv the concept vehicle . ( mf )