Mahindra Roxor: The Mini-Jeep

Auburn Hills (USA), 14. March 2018

The demand for the simple versions of the Mercedes G and Toyota Land Cruiser, but even after the Lada 4x4 and the Suzuki Jimny, it shows: Who's really doing something in the site, relies on Mechanical, instead of electronic shenanigans. Exactly such clientele, the Indian car manufacturer Mahindra is now in the USA with the new Roxor.

Distant Relative of the original Jeep

If you immediately jump up indignantly and say: "he looks like an old Jeep!", is said: The may the. Already in 1947, imported Mahindra, the first Willys to India, from 1949 Jeep were assembled models in license. Many decades later, it has developed into the Mahindra Thar. 2010 presented, he says, to the CJ models of Jeep. From Thar, the all-new Roxor, which is disassembled in the US, where it is made was derived now.

Only for the terrain

Of course, Mahindra speculated thanks to the Jeep look on plenty of clientele, soon to have 300 dealers in the United States. Is the Roxor but in the so-called "Side x Side"category, the vehicles called UTVs. Here are two persons sitting side-by-side (hence the Name), simplified can you talk about the link between the Quad and the car. Therefore, the Roxor has no road approval, enough free terrain are expected in the Wide expanses of the USA.

Lame, but strong

Mahindra is a "No-Nonsense"car with a steel body and steel frame, a rigid front axle and leaf springs promises to be back. Add to that a switchable all-wheel drive and a ground clearance of 23 cm. The Roxor is 3.76 meters long, the wheelbase is 2.44 meters. Curious: He can pull more than he weighs. 1.376 kg of Roxor brings on the scale, the trailer weight is 1.6 tons. Under the hood is a 2.5-Liter turbo-diesel works with 63 HP (liters performance: just over 25 HP, so to speak, indestructible) and a maximum torque of 195 Newton meters. The maximum speed is limited to 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). Add to that a manual five-speed circuit. In turn, the Roxor is convenient: The basic version will cost $ 15,000, the equivalent of slightly more than 12,000 euros. As Extras there are, among other things, a winch, mirrors, or a simple fabric roof over the occupants.(rh)