Mad as hell: The Charles guy King

Dubai, 3. April 2018

What kind of car you buy, if you are insanely rich and at the same time a great fear of a Zombie Apocalypse? A possibility of Karl man King would be. The SUV looks like a rejected design for the next Batmobile. Why rejected? Because SUVs are for fathers, but not hip enough for Blockbuster cinema.

Base: A Pick-up from Ford's F-series

The Karl man King is based on the Ford F-550, so a moderate copy from one of the popular American Pick-up range. But the King is doing everything it can to differentiate itself from a boring load of ass. The angular Exterior, with its many triangular faces are oriented in a stealth bomber. The matte matches the black paint of the body, which is made of Carbon and steel.

Comfortable survival

So threatening the Exterior is so luxurious and the King is inside. The car offers room for four, five, six or seven passengers and has features that make the Survival of the Zombie Apocalypse comfortable. There is a retractable TV, a refrigerator, folding tables and a coffee machine. The latter is for the case that you are tired of the Zombie war, and a caffeine-replenishment needs.

At 1.6 million, this is it

The whole luxury leads to a frightening price tag. 1.6 million euros, you need to make at least loosely for this military-looking living room on four wheels. The weight is just as fierce: More than six tons, the Behemoth on the scale, and with which even a 6.8-Liter V10 trouble. So the maximum speed is 140 km/h. Because the question remains interesting to see whether a catch up with the Zombies. Admittedly, this King looks cool. But he's a Batmobile for fathers, and for stone-rich, whose wards ' life as the Prince.(sl)