M5 Competition gets 625 HP

Munich, 9. May 2018

Still a bit shocked from the new Compact-hell hound M2 Competition? Exactly, the 2 series, goes soon with M4 engine 410 HP to the tire-destruction tour. Now, in comparison to what now follows, the good M2, almost ... ahem ... normal. Yes, BMW begrudge now also his Business-barbarians M5 is a Competition variant. By the way, it is the most powerful series-BMW of all time.

25 HP more

How come? Unlike the M2 Competition BMW swaps this time, not the whole engine. The 4.4-litre Biturbo-V8 of the normal M5 was tuned "in Detail". This means that He now has a particulate filter. Well, he also now delivers 625 PS at 6000 Rev/min. That's 25 HP more than in the past and – much more important – 13 HP more than the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. The torque remains with 750 Newton meters, is now between 1,800 and 5,800 trips. Previously, it was up to 5,600 trips, and constant. On the super sly, drift-happy all-wheel drive and the eight-speed sport automatic, the Munich-based change nothing. But of course, the M5 Competition is a little bit abstruse to the front. From 0 to 100 km/h to happen in 3.3 seconds (minus 0.1 seconds), the 200-brand drops to 10.8 seconds and three-tenths sooner than the normal M5. Good for all lovers rutting noises: The M5 Competition a sport exhaust system, which has, according to BMW on an "extremely striking sound development". The "sounds" very reasonable.

Neatly to the chassis screwed

Big Numbers are always nice, but it's a M-model is not important, as it goes around the corner? The M5 Competition it brings at least a strong impression, because the Changes in the chassis are amazingly profound. The spring rate of the motor bearings is almost twice as stiff as before (better engine response and more direct steering). Stiffer the springs at the front and rear axle (ten percent), as well as the rear anti - roll bar. There are seven millimetres lower ride height, more camber in the front and ball joints instead of rubber bearings of the rear track arms. The wheel is specified on the rear axle. The dampers are tuned for the M5 Competition also new. The three modes Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus remain with it, of course. In Normal you should feel the direct connection of the chassis immediately. BMW promises in "Sport" the perfect damper characteristic field for the Nordschleife. "Sport Plus" is intended for pot level to Grand Prix circuits. Or, in other words: Avoid "Sport Plus" as the devil fears Holy water. At least, if you want to keep your intervertebral discs.

M5 Competition starts in July 2018

40 percent of customers chose the last M5, the Competition package. Therefore, it was decided in the case of BMW, to make a private model. The same recognize you in the future to newly designed 20-inch bi-colour wheels with a 275er - and 285-rollers. And a whole lot of gloss black. Among other things, to the kidney, the slice boundaries, the B-pillar, the exterior mirrors and the lower part of the rear bumper. Also the tailpipes of the new exhaust system are black. In the interior of the M5 Competition makes it rather easy. Up on special floor mats and new seat belts with M-stripes remains the same. Market launch for the M5 Competition is in July 2018. The price is 126.900 Euro and 9,000 Euro over the regular M5.(sw)