luxurious Lion

Milan, 20 August 2014

Lots of space, attractive appearance, acceptable price: a bad car, the Peugeot 2008 is not certainly. Only in the interior a little luxury could not hurt. The thinking, the Italian coachbuilder Castagna and has made ​​a very special 2008 on the wheels.

Colourful Frenchman

Even from the outside is the 2008 Castagna hard to miss. For the red - blue - white finish, in which the Italians were inspired by the British flag, the " Union Jack " provides. Is properly carved on the plaster in the interior of the Peugeot. Here Castagna has taken to support the company Alcantara into the boat. She is known by the same substance that acts like suede.

see stars

Hand-stitched white cross stitching decorate the red areas of the dashboard, a range of browns leads into the center tunnel. Blue Alcantara piping surround the woven seats. The panoramic roof was a failed perforated blinds with a starry sky effect. If you now cheerfully stop by the Peugeot dealer you trust: Sorry, the 2008 Castagna is only a single piece . ( rh )