Low entry for sports riders

Brühl, September 2, 2015

The next Renault Mégane is already waiting in the wings while the Renault Sport team is not tired, more special models of the current Nordschleife record holder Mégane RS hang up. The latest version is called full name therefore " Renault Mégane Coupé RS 275 Cup S " and intended to appeal particularly puristic sports model the economical driver. For this purpose, it dispensed with in favor of a more sporting facilities and a better price but otherwise almost-daily outfits.

Fast Sparfuchs

What R.S. the record car Mégane R Trophy was extra charge, there is ?? at least partially ?? standard. As standard you get the amplified Cup chassis with stiffer anti-roll bars, a large Brembo brakes and a mechanical limited-slip differential with 35 - percent - barrier effect. As a finishing touch are adjustable " Road & Track " dampers made ​​by Öhlins with aboard, which is pretty much likely to be with their dual flow technology, the best that can currently get in a compact car. There are also a fancy Alcantara steering wheel and 18-inch wheels in " hurricane - Black - Matt ". Who is that now everything then too spartan, for which there is a very sporty designed options list.

Everything your heart desires

So the Cup - S, for example, even the automatic climate control system have an extra charge, which is probably due to the orientation in the performance oriented division of compact " hot hatches". For 500 euros more but you get at Renault 's automatic climate control then back yet. Also for money to have: leather-covered Recaro bucket seats for 1,400 euros, a four kilograms lighter exhaust system from Akrapovic for 2,500 euros and a so-called grip package with super grippy Michelin Cup2 tires on 19-inch wheels for 1,590 euros. For Infotainment, the online multimedia system R - Link strike with 1,190 euros and the RS Monitor for displaying the vehicle values ​​with 300 euros. The base price of the Renault Mégane R. S. 275 Cup S is 29,900 euros.

The performance of the Mégane R. S. prove: There is a genuine fast compact car. 273 hp and 360 Newton meters brings the Frenchman with the aid of a turbocharger of two liters. From the state of Mégane, the sprint to 100 km / h in six seconds hence. In combination with its very well-tuned suspension set of Mégane RS Trophy - R in 2014 the Nordschleife record for street-legal, front-wheel drive vehicles. With seven minutes and fifty-four seconds lacks only twelve seconds a Porsche Cayman GT4 . ( mf )