Lotus Elise: easier and cheaper

Hethel ( England ), 16 November 2015

Lotus cleans up: The previous models " Elise " and " Elise S " are replaced by " Elise Sport " and " Sport Elise 220 ​​". The additional " Sport " is to remember especially the Esprit, of which there were legendary sport versions. The Elise is the way the most successful model of the British manufacturer: 32,000 copies were built since 1995th

Optional forged wheels save another five kilos

But the name supplement is only one of the innovations of the Elise. More importantly, that both athletes have slimmed down even to ten kilos. Sounds like not much, but at a curb weight of 866 kilograms now ( or 914 kilos during sports 220 ) makes itself noticeable while driving every gram, which was omitted. Thus, According to Lotus, the driving dynamics improved during sports 220 especially. Again five kilos can be saved by the way, optional forged wheels. From the factory, the Elise is delivered with normal light alloy wheels in silver or black ?? forward in 16-inch, rear in 17 inch.

136 or 220 hp

Motor vehicle dynamics data and values ​​have not changed. The Elise Sport is powered by a 136 hp 1.6 - liter four-cylinder. He brings the small Roadster in 6.5 seconds from zero to 100 and allowed 204 km / h top. Much is fixed as the Sport 220: Its 1.8-liter unit creates impressive 220 ​​hp induced. Thus hisses the small mid-engined athletes in 4.6 seconds in the three-digit range and speedometer 234 km / h. By pressing a button the accelerator pedal responds faster ?? this sport mode is now standard equipment in both Elisen. Also both versions get new, lighter sport seats, which are based in the classic diamond pattern as desired with leather, Alcantara or fabric.

From 39.900 euro

And more good news for last: The Elise is cheaper: The " Sport " model is now already have from 39,900 euros, 2,300 euros less than before. The version " Sports 220 " will cost 48,700 euros now with at least 1,000 euros less than the comparable predecessor. Both cars can be ordered from December 2015 Europe . ( hd )