Ligier teast newcomer

In August, Ligier known that it was a new model in the ontwikkelingskamers. Today the French manufacturer that we are primarily of voiturettes know a new teaserafbeelding.

As with the initial announcement of the case was, is the French Ligier today, not too generous with information. The company, founded in 1968 by former racing driver Guy Ligier, was between 1967 and 1996 in the Formula 1 active and had in the seventies a racer as the JS2 in its portfolio. It is that last car where it appears to the Ford Mustang-based newcomer on inspired seems to be.

The new model is, together with partner Onroak Automotive developed to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Ligier to celebrate, all that was a birthday actually in place last year. The car gets a starting price of € 89.000 net of taxes and is, according to the FIA E II-SH regulations approved. So, it is in any case a four-seater. Under the hood is a screwed version of the V6 to Ford since the Mustang-facelift is no longer in that car delivers. The power rating should be at 335 hp.