Lexus RX: Here comes the turbo

Shanghai (China ), April 20, 2015

After the world premiere of the new Lexus RX 450h at the New York auto show in early April 2015, the RX 200 tonnes, the manufacturer at the Shanghai Auto Show now in the spotlight.

Four-cylinder delivers 228 hp

Like the little "t" indicates, the 4.89 meter long SUV is powered by a turbocharged engine. The two-liter four-cylinder engine features variable valve timing and a twin-scroll turbocharger with a liquid-cooled intercooler. The machine creates at least bring 228 hp. The motor is coupled to a six-speed machines. Due to its reinforced body and a new suspension, the RX is so handy can drive like a smaller car, according to Lexus.

No information on the launch

There is no further information, no information regarding the price and the market launch in Europe. Presumably, the RX is 200t start simultaneously with the RX 450h. Meanwhile, hybrid system uses a V6, system performance will be approximately 300 HP . ( jt )