Less body roll, less ground clearance

Lennestadt, 5th may 2017

The least tuner settle with the taste of series of vehicles. The H & R suspension professionals discovered potential for improvement work vote of the Mazda 3. Therefore, the engineers from the sauerland region have seasoned to now vigorously.

Lifting and lowering

New in the program for the compact Japanese are now special sport Springs, resulting in a streamlining of the chassis. In addition to lowering 40 mm at the front and 45 millimeters on the rear axle should thus also reduces body roll and an optimized steering behaviour achieved. These ingredients should taste especially during fast cornering.

Prices and wheel spacers

The spring Kit fails with 237 euros. Also are in the program "Trak +"-spacers can be used to aligned series or aftermarket wheels on the edges of the wheel house. There are the spacers per axle from 12 to 60 mm. (ml)