Large Displays, multi-trunk, noble „light worlds“ and more

Stuttgart, 23. November 2017

Moose test, Tamagotchi, reform backlog, and clone sheep, 20 years Ago the concepts were much over time. Word of the year in 1997 was "reform jam", the failed moose test, in which the first Mercedes A-class flipped over, landed on place five. Overturning of the moose test could not the A-class but ultimately. On the contrary, the small Benz sold well and was a fountain of youth for the by then rather elderly beloved brand. Now the fourth Generation of the A-class. We were able to take a look at this place and to us a first judgment form.

Huge Displays

The current A-class looked (and looks) inside stainless. It was the first car in the middle of the display like a Tablet on the top of the dashboard was planted. In the case of the instruments of the VW Golf and the Audi A3 in this class, the nose at the front – with the Active Info Display (aka Virtual Cockpit), which replaces the traditional numbers-hand-combination. Now Mercedes is equal. And the Stuttgart put it: instruments and infotainment display, merge under a common cover glass to a surface--such as in the case of E - and S-class. And the even standard. That is to say: unlike the Golf and the A3, there are no traditional instruments, not even in the base version. We find the good. Traditional thinking customers need to get used to it or get a different model look.

The moat is lit

The top version of the A-class gets two 10.25-inch Displays, with the basic equipment, there are two 7.0-inch Displays, and the third Version combines a small and a large Monitor. The screens on the dashboard, or, more accurately, they float. The highlight, there is a "moat-lighting": The ambience light shining up from below, through the gap ("moat") between the display and the dashboard. On a binnacle over the instruments was first dispensed. The Whole is at Mercedes Widescreen Cockpit and looks good. The one negative is the steering column lever to fell us, however, the material quality does not match the otherwise very elegant interior.

Two-Colour Ambient Light

Unusually, the ambient light is refined. It is divided into direct and diffused light. Two colors can be combined, for example, hard, blue lines on the dashboard and the soft, orange brown light for the leg space. In addition, the number of colors is increased from 12 to 64, to consist of ten "worlds of color".

Illuminated jets and S-class steering Wheel

Also the air nozzles are intermittently illuminated. The to in turbine optic held in the vents, lights to temporarily turn red, if you turn the heating up high, and blue when it cools the interior. Nice also, how the Alu-rings snap into place around the nozzles when they are turned. The standard-fit multifunction steering wheel with thumb-touchpad comes from the S-class. In the center console there is a classy roller blind, which covers the so-called "spontaneous deposition" (for mobile phone, house keys or wallet). In addition, a leather covered palm rest is here waiting for use, internally, a "flatterer". In addition, a touch pad, under the however, there is no rotary Knob, as in the case of E - and S-class.

Seats with massage function and ventilation

Also in the case of the Seats of progress over spills from the higher classes. To the front there is an optional for the first time, a massage function and seat ventilation in the compact class. In addition, for the first time in the A-class trim with wood veneer are offered. In addition, carbon bars, brushed aluminum, and more. The exterior paintwork of the Mercedes starts with numerous "Non-colours" such as White, silver and Black, but only two of the bolder shades (Red and Yellow). Blue is correct, Green is not planned, although we just this color has recently been recommended by designers as trendy.

Mirrors closer to the driver

Often the visibility of the current A-class was criticised. According to Mercedes has improved the new Generation of "ten percent". Check that our exhibit not settled yet. In any case, the side mirrors back on the doors, which improves the view to the rear. The C-pillars, however, are still quite thick and the rear window could be higher. Adults sitting in the back is not win with the view in the inside mirror anyway. After all, Medium-sized have in the rear is enough space, there is no lack of leg or head room. And optionally, you can even alter the backrest, the inclination of the back.

Trunk: Bigger and loaded better

Improved shared also the the trunk neck: The rear lights are now, where a game lands on the flap. The neck is no longer narrowed down as in the past. A disturbing threshold to the trunk output. When folding the (optional split) rear seat should result in a nearly flat load-compartment floor backrest. Also, the trunk volume increases from 341 to 1.157 to 370 up to 1.210 liters. Thus, the A-class is now on a competitive level: In the A3 Sportback's 380 and 1,220 liters fit in a BMW 1-series 360 to 1,200 litres.

Three new derivatives in sight

The new A-class will be introduced in early 2018, followed by the derivatives, so, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLA and B-class. Also, three new body styles will be added. With the Concept A Sedan Mercedes already gave us a view of a saloon, the Concept EQA was a note on a sporty electric version. The third newcomer is likely to be a GLB, so a SUV or coupe-SUV between GLA and GLC.(sl)