Lamborghini celebrates a legend

Sant'Agata Bolognese (Italy), March 14, 2016

He is one of the adorable sports car of in decades. A dream car for generations and an icon of Lamborghini. There is talk of the Miura, whose production version is celebrating this year its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, the brand itself has given with the reconstruction of a very special Miura.

One of a kind with fair experience

In the context of the Concours d'Elegance in Amelia Iceland (United States), Lamborghini now showed the Miura with the chassis number 4846 built 1971. Its special feature: He was SV, whose V12 was on 385 PS the pre-production model of the Miura Superveloce, short. The vehicle was unveiled at the Bertone stand 1971 in Geneva while Lamborghini himself had already introduced the Countach Miura's successor. The Miura number 4846 is a unique piece that Miura S with 370 HP took over parts of the previous model and at the same time new elements introduced. Not an easy task for the so-called "PoloStorico" Department of Lamborghini, where the special Miura has been restored.

Meticulous reconstruction

But the challenge has quite a method, finally PoloStorico was able to prove his can. There will be restored not only old Lamborghini, sells also original spare parts, maintains the archive of the brand and certified historical Lambos. The restoration of the Geneva Miura (green metallic) bearing the sounding tone "Verde Metallizzato" included a complete overhaul of the vehicle's chassis and motor. Here helped work documents such as the original production sheet, on which the changes are shown. The car belongs to not Lamborghini itself, but a private man, by the way. No cheaper fun: Only 474 Miura and a roadster one of a kind were built, the value of a Miura SV is in good condition at least 1.3 million euros. (rh)