Lambo SUV Urus almost there

Sant'agata Bolognese (Italy), 13. September 2017

"The first Lamborghini Super Sports Utility Vehicle (SSUV) is at the 4. December 2017, in its place of origin'agata Bolognese Sant unveils`." A line and we know that Lamborghini makes to get Serious with his SUV. Excuse me, with his Super-SUV. Under the Hashtag #since wemadeit possible, the Northern Italians have now published the latest Urus teaser video. For more info on the car there is a new, eponymous web site.

New dimensions and so

"The Urus defines a new SUV-class: new dimensions in performance, comfort and versatility, combined with the distinctive Design DNA of the Lamborghini super sports car" more tells us, Lamborghini. "The Super-SUV is no longer impossible." Sounds a lot like a typical Lambo-self to be aware of. Or, in other words: assume that the Urus will be a bit misleading.

Visually, probably close to the Concept Car

What he's capable of technically, everything we don't know yet really. Under the hood is a Biturbo V8 is probably with the 650 HP. A Plug-in Hybrid – probably with even absurderen performance data should relatively follow in a timely manner. We go from the small sketch at the end of the video, the Lamborghini Urus will not differ visually too far from the Urus Concept (the red car in the above gallery). On 4. December we know more.(sw)