LADA Vesta: The prices

Buxtehude, 21 February 2017

Some time ago you thought not possible, that there will be a LADA, to eagerly anticipated. But now the first 200 Vesta in Germany have arrived. The 4.41 m long notchback sedan is one of the first developments of the Russian brand Renault directed. Now, it is also known, what it will cost the Vesta.

Optimization for the German market

LADA announced on Facebook that the Vesta exported for the German market are optimized and enhanced. Compliance with the Euro 6 emissions standard, some altered materials or even a ceiling light in the rear is called as examples. We briefly take a look at the technology of the Vesta: on the front axle, there is an independent suspension with lower wishbones and MacPherson strut suspension, rear, a torsion beam axle is used. The brakes are front inner ventilated, back there just drums. Of course an ESP and ABS with brake assist are standard. Only engine is a sucking gasoline engine 1.6 l engine with 106 HP, whose Verbrauch LADA with specifies 6.1 liters. Its maximum torque is 148 NM at 4,200 rpm, the tip is located at 180 km/h.

Complete facilities at the base

A five-speed manual transmission is fitted as standard, after 11.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h. The Sprint with the automated five-speed transmission will take a second longer. The fee for the replacement-automatic: 760 euros. Which brings us to the crucial point of the cost. LADA calls 12,490 euro for the Vesta in the basic version. But what do you mean base? These include already an air conditioning, electric Windows on all doors, an audio system with USB, 16-inch alus, a metallic paint finish, light and rain sensor, Park beeper back, seat heating front and a cruise control. There are no extras officially only LADA on request uses a trailer hitch and a liquefied gas plant. For 1,000 euros more "Luxury", yours is the Vesta. What it offers in addition? To name a few are the front window defroster, the climate control and the multimedia system with seven-inch color display and rear-view camera. Respect, especially since five years warranty included.

Dacia must dress warm

And where is the competition? The 4.53 meter long Fiat Tipo euros sedan 95 sucking HP and air conditioning at least 14,250. Because Dacia offered the Logan with notchback not in Germany, the measuring 4.49 meters Logan MCV, so the combination, must furnish for comparison. This offers while 90 Turbo HP and a neat equipment for 11.290 euros, but not nearly as complete as the LADA Vesta. (rh)