Lada 4x4 Urban: For the City

Buxtehude, November 25, 2015

Lada has his SUV veteran 4x4 (aka Niva or Taiga ) put a finer City variant called " Urban " aside. But he scored bumpers in body color and a more modern grille. With " Silver Grey " and " cilantro " draw two new metallic paints in a request list.

For the first time window

The interior will enhance the new design fabric seat covers. In addition, the built virtually unchanged since 1978 Allradler in Urban offers first electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors and electric windows. In addition, the City variant seat heaters, reading lights for driver and passenger as well as a revised steering wheel has as standard. In the center console now also feed cupholders.

From 11,990 euros

The price of the Lada 4x4 Urban starts at 11,990 euros. In parallel, the pure workhorse " 4x4 " for 9,990 euros and the version " 4x4 Taiga " for 11,250 euros offered. The 4x4 is thus the most affordable four-wheel drive on the German market . ( hd )