Lacquer polishes in GTÜ Test

Stuttgart, 10. August 2017

What is the task of a paint Polish? It aims to provide a working pass for a gloss, the paint protect and at the same time fine scratches eliminate. The offer of the medium, the write to these properties, on the flags, is great. The GTÜ (society for Technical Monitoring) tested, therefore, now a nine-car polishes in different price classes. Cost of quality, or there is a Good-and-cheap-Surprises?

As tested, the GTÜ?

All of the polishes you have checked in the laboratory. They have been applied in accordance with the instructions on a paint surface. Subsequently, the GTÜ dimension, for example, the degree of "gloss veil". It occurs in the case of high-gloss surfaces and can be perceived as a milky, blurred image on the paint. In addition, the water were checked repelling abilities. Here, the contact angle of the paint applied water is measured in drop. Complicated. Much easier the determination of the value for the color refresher. It happens by means of the test wedges to a prescribed DIN standard.

Winners and losers

The test winner with the rating "highly recommended" to "A1 Speed Polish" by Dr. Wack. This expensive Premium polishing, especially by a good preservation performance, and an intense, deep Shine with a clear color refresher. Also with the rating of "very recommendable" took only half as expensive "Caramba lacquer Polish" second place, closely followed by "Sonax XTREME Polish + Wax 3 Hybrid NPT" on the third rank. Test losers and, thus, on the ninth place, the "Red-and-White high-gloss polishing is not recommended" with the stars"". The product is weakened, especially when it came to preservation. In addition, the Polish was auszupolieren only with great effort, without residues and it was to a deep Shine and color refresher. Out of competition, a so-called color Polish delivery for black paints called "Nigrin hard wax colour Polish". Also, you could not convince. The detailed results can be found in a detailed table in the gallery.(ml)