Korean SUV in Paris

Frankfurt am Main, July 29, 2014

If we compare the times presented in 2002, the first generation Kia Sorento with the latest, third generation, which is the end of August 2014 are shown in Korea. It is hard to believe that there are only the second model generation of the crossover and twelve years of design and technology development between the models.


The first Sorento 2002 was with ladder frame, screwed body, low range gearing and a rigid rear axle more SUV as an SUV. That changed in 2009 with the second generation. Kia renounced the reduction gear, chose a self-supporting body and turned the former Geländegänger a seven seater battleship for the heavy highway and light off-road use.

The first motifs

But as it goes on with the South Korean premium SUV? The first two motifs of Kia now give an idea of ​​how it will look like the new ones. The third generation of the SUV presents itself compared to its predecessor with a flatter roofline, more angular body surfaces and a larger and more steeply dipping in the wind grille.

Korean secrecy

About the size of the vehicle, possible engine types and price expectations, the Koreans still remain silent out. The 2.2 - liter diesel with 197 hp will remain well preserved German customers for now. Whether the unit at the planned launch in 2015, already meet the Euro 6 standard, is not yet known.

European Premiere

A private look at the new Kia Sorento you can make from 4 to October 9, 2014 at the Paris Motor Show. There, the SUV of the European public is presented. (ml )