Kia Telluride now without distractions

At the beginning of september showed Kia the first footage of the Telluride ski resort. The SUV sparkled during the New York Fashion Week and was special for that event, in a special way to get dressed. Thanks we also now have the non-costumed version of the image.

Around two and a half years ago, Kia the Telluride ski resort Concept, a precursor to a successor of the in 2011 all of the North American market have disappeared Mohave. That Mohave (photo 9), that in the homeland even if Borrego is available, it can be seen as a big brother, the Sorento. The model comes in the base 2008, and is thus much needed to be replaced. The production version of the Telluride ski resort Concept, that is the beginning of september during New York Fashion Week in a offroadkostuum-comers (photo 5) to (7), is the car that the Mohave/Borrego will follow. We now know how the regular version looks.

This regular Telluride, which is probably next month during the Los Angeles Auto Show official publieksdebuut experience, is drawn according to a design language that is not similar to that of cars like the Sportage and Sorento. The car has remarkably shaped, vertically oriented headlights and upright hooked taillights.

Kia has still been no information released about the powertrain of the Telluride ski resort. We expect that the car will be available with the 3.3-liter biturbo-V6 that Kia also in the Stinger apply.