Kia Proceed Sport Study: More Pictures

Frankfurt, 7. September 2017

If your neighbour has a Kia Proceed in front of the Garage, then this is likely to be so far gone largely past them. The compact Koreans don't like to be a cheap, reliable vehicle, a particularly exciting he is. The next Generation of the cee'd family, now this might change abruptly. At least, if she looks even close to as Kia eintrichtert us with his Proceed-IAA-"sport study". Now, the inventor of the tiger's nose, have charmed released: some more pictures of your "extended Hot Hatches" on the Public, and we are, to put it mildly.

Bold and beautiful

Way with the three-door Compact hatchback Monotony, to a remarkably taut and elegantly painted five doors with astreinem Shooting-Brake-finals. The sport study will Proceed on 20-inch tyres, comes with solid molded side skirts, and completely dispenses with a B-pillar. The window line runs over the entire side up in the rear window. Also pretty funky: Said side of the window have moved the Koreans with a light band, so that at night everyone can see how sharp the new Shooting Brake to Proceed. Channel stable it is by the way also on the rear: the rear lights in strip form over the entire width of the well-formed studies-buttocks. The front, however, the trained eye recognizes a whole lot of Kia Stinger. Of the new sports sedan, the IAA steals concept, the so-called "Island Bonnet", which is so called because the hood fits, apparently, like an island in the surface of the front of the vehicle. And again, what is to be learned.

More likely, a dynamic alignment

Whether and how much of the plenty of attractive sports study Kia Proceed will be incorporated into a production model, we will have to wait and see. The manufacturer speaks of a "views of the next Generation of the compact car family of cee'd". Information about the technical data are so far completely wrong. After all, you may hope for a more sporting orientation: "In Europe, many motorists are currently looking for powerful Alternatives to the three-door Hot Hatch. Therefore, we have started a new concept for the cee'd family to think about," says Gregory Guillaume, chief designer Kia Motors Europe. And he adds: "The study Proceed is a powerful Vision that shows how the dynamic ‚soul' of the pro_cee'd for the next Generation of performance-oriented drivers revived."(sw)