Keyless access systems are insecure

Munich, June 6, 2016

Keyless locking systems, where the car keys in your Pocket may remain, are but practical, but not theft-proof. This result, now comes a test of the Automobile Club ADAC. The security of comfort closing systems of 38 car models has been tested with homemade electronics. Almost all vehicles could be open in a matter of seconds and also start.

DIY solution extends the reach

The security hole opened a new way of car thieves: must be only with a so-called radio extension in the vicinity of the car key beta for example at the House of the owner of the car go past. Bowl signal range can be increased to several hundred meters. A second robber receives this signal and sends it to the car and the car is open and you can start. The two electronics devices which are necessary for the theft, let themselves together tinker according to ADAC with little effort from commercially available components. Electronic immobilizers and alarms, usually can be also overcome in this way. During testing, this left no burglary or theft traces.

Only a few systems are switched off

Only Mercedes, Renault, Subaru and Toyota offer switched systems. The owner can here to cause a permanent deactivation by the dealer or make this even over the computer or through a keyboard shortcut on the remote key. Then remains but no advantage over the traditional closing system. However, owners of uninterruptible systems are even worse off. This helps only a steering wheel lock or a park's claw to secure the vehicle against theft that is then certainly no comfort gain. (sl)