José Mourinho builds his Jaguar SUV

London (United Kingdom), 22. November 2017

José Mourinho can lead teams successfully. In international club football, the Portuguese coach has won everything already. If he has given in the Jaguar plant in UK Solihull tactical instructions? There Mourinho with helped in the production of the F-Pace.

A Jaguar, for José

The reason is that Mourinho takes over (surely not coincidentally) the 100,000 th copy of the F-Pace. And so he helped in the complete work of cap in the production of SUVs. Mourinho is a loyal Jaguar customer, and in 2014 bought a F-Type coupe. Curious: Jaguar speaks of itself as being a Coach of an "English tradition of Association and the Topclubs of the Premier League". The reason for this is Mourinho's club Manchester United is sponsored by competitor Chevrolet.

Great Demand

Back to the F-Pace: Of the SUV in the upper-middle-class, Jaguar has built in just a year to 100,000 vehicles. According to the manufacturer, no model of the brand, such a large demand from customers, enjoyed in such a short period of time. In Germany, the F-Pace will start at 43.560 Euro.(rh)