Jobs at Opel backed up?

Berlin, 21 February 2017

A takeover of Opel by the French PSA group is becoming ever more tangible proximity. But what of the good 38,000 Opel workers, of which more than 19,000 did their job in Germany?

Guarantee of the PSA-boss

It once no job cuts in the room seems to be: according to Government spokesman Steffen Seibert German Chancellor Merkel and Tavares of head of PSA spoke about the planned takeover of Opel. It was Tavares according to Salih affirmed "that PSA will get the independence of Opel in the Group and take over the site, investment and employment guarantees."

Pull all together?

At the same time Tavares met yesterday metal, of the European Works Council of Opel and the PSA staff Board of Directors with representatives of IG. Opel and the British subsidiary Vauxhall have works in Great Britain, Poland and Spain, among others. Further talks have been decided. PSA confirmed its commitment to comply with existing agreements in Europe and to continue the dialogue. Together with the Opel management it is wanted to create a "European automobile champion with Franco German roots". It seems so good to look for the workers at Opel. In the meantime, is an important election year in both France and Germany. It is quite possible that jobs at Opel / Peugeot and Citro├źn therefore yet to drive take up the issue. (rh)