Job cuts at VW

Wolfsburg, 18 November 2016

The conversion of the Volkswagen Group is in full swing. But how does it affect the employees? You need to bleed for 'Diesel Gate'? Now is clear: Yes. Be dismantled, while 9,000 jobs created 23,000 jobs at VW.

Slim in the future

However, only one role plays the now featured "Pact for the future", the Executive Board and the Central Works Council have negotiated the diesel issue among many. For VW brand Chief Herbert Diess, it is also to economic efficiency and competitiveness. Simply put: VW produced to unprofitable and has spent too long in electric mobility. That should change now radically.

A net loss of 14,000 jobs

What are the fundamentals of the VW agreement? Over the next few years, to a total wants to dismantle 23,000 currently 120,000 jobs turnover and retirement. Productivity is expected to increase in the German plants by around 25 percent. Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of the General Works Council, to do so: "the jobs of the permanent staff are safe. Redundancies are closed until the end of 2025. We have ensured that future vehicles in Germany and not in foreign countries are built." At the same time, VW invested heavily in new technologies, in particular in the E-mobility and digitization. The magic word here is "electric modular", short MEB. 3.5 billion euros should flow in the restructuring of the company and 9,000 additional, "future-proof" jobs in this area will be created.

Electric future for German VW sites

Production of electric cars on MEB-based take on the works in Wolfsburg and Zwickau. The VW e-Golf (without MEB) is made from spring 2017 at the "transparent factory" in Dresden. The Emden plant receives an another, not yet named model utilization, while Wolfsburg in the future also produced a group product. Also works in Braunschweig, Kassel and Salzgitter are incorporated into the MEB development and manufacturing. In Salzgitter, a pilot plant for battery cells and cell modules should be developed.

Savings in the billions

From the year 2020 VW wants to save a year 3.7 billion euro with the measures of the future Pact, of which three billion on the German sites. VW Chief Diess to: "We rebuilt the entire brand and Volkswagen take our future into our own hands." (rh)