Japanese thoroughness

Cologne, February 24, 2015

There are moments when one is glad that there are photos. About the Toyota Auris, the revised model at the Geneva Salon 2015 ( March 5 to 15 ) is shown. Background information? Practically nonexistent. It is also only the second best selling model of the Japanese brand in Germany.

Really clear?

So we scrape together the few crumbs: The Toyota Auris and Auris be Combined offshoot Touring Sports modernized three years after its debut. From " bolder and more powerful design," says the manufacturer. In the first place, the front bumper and the headlamp have been changed. The latter have a new daytime running lights. The cockpit instruments are now available in tubes, the stale Digital migrates into the center console down to where there is now a modern multimedia system. To what extent the material quality was improved, will probably be clarified only at the fair in Geneva.

Modern engines?

The heart of the Auris manufactured in the UK remains the hybrid drive with 136 hp power system, has opted for the half of all buyers in 2014, according to Toyota. The engine range is rounded off in the future with new petrol and diesel. Whether it really is completely new units or the existing offer is only converted to the Euro - 6 emissions standard, is still open. Currently customers have a choice of two Saugbenzinern with 99 and 132 hp, the diesel engines are 90 and 124 hp. For action on the automatic transmissions. So far, only a continuous solution for the more powerful petrol engine in the program . (rh)