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Los Angeles ( USA ), November 18, 2015

Infiniti has introduced the new QX30. And this in two places. People in Los Angeles and Guanghzou had the pleasure to admire the first crossover. The QX30 drives future on the side of the recently launched Q30 and to ensure that the sales figures of the Japanese Nobel manufacturer grow into the sky. Roland Kr├╝ger, president of Infiniti says: " The QX30 Active crossover joins as a new member of our new premium compact family at the right time and will enrich our offering to new premium customers around the world. " That sounds like quite a lot of premium.

Rather SUVig

Must it also because good data and facts about the new QX30 Infiniti has been well concealed elegant. What we know of Robust Ling on the Mercedes GLA based. Interestingly, the normal Q30 in terms of stature and ground clearance is already closer to the GLA as the A-Class. The QX30 is likely therefore a little higher and SUViger turn when his trendy Benz brother.

QX30 starts in summer 2016

Inside, the resemblance to the GLA therefore hard to miss. The engines are largely taken from Q30, at least we suspect the times. On offer are exclusively turbocharged four-cylinder. As diesel with 109 and 170 hp when petrol 122 and 211 hp. Depending on the drive, there will be front-or all-wheel drive and six-speed manual or seven-speed dual clutches. Prices? Also None. Small clue: The cheapest Q30 costs from 24,200 Euro. With a premium crossover surcharge is to be expected. The launch of the Infiniti QX30 is in the summer 2016th ( sw )