Ionity: 400 quick charger by 2020

Munich, 3. November 2017

Electric vehicles in the world of mobility is becoming increasingly important. In order for E-cars but can also be long distances, and large distances will not be interrupted by excruciatingly long load stops, must be established a fast-charging network on the main traffic axes of Europe. For this reason, the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen AG have joined together and the joint venture Ionity founded. The Joint Venture with headquarters in Munich, wants to go in 2017, with 20 fast charging stations in Europe connected to the grid. By 2020, to then provide a total of around 400 stations for electric cars.

Dense network, high performance, short charging times

This loader will be built, among other things, to the autobahn in Germany, Norway and Austria. You should be open to the public, and with a distance of about 120 kilometers from each other. As a European cooperation partner companies such as the grid sites are chain Tank & Rast and gas stations-company Circle K and OMV in the boat. The planned fast charging stations themselves will have, according to Ionity on multiple charging stations. This E-car-driver brands and performance you want to get independent access to the charging points. As connection to the European charging standard "Combined Charging System" (in short: CCS). Charging should be up to 350 kW. Significantly shorter "tank were times", because the current Universal fast chargers (the Tesla Supercharger excluded) with a maximum of 50 kW.

Long-Distance Electric Mobility That Is Suitable?

Ionity-chief Michael Hajesch explained: "The availability of an extensive High-Power Charging network for the market penetration of electric mobility is essential. The establishment of Ionity is an important milestone that shows that the car manufacturers join forces. With the creation of the first pan-European HPC network, we make electric mobility suitable for long distances. Fast, convenient and digital and affordable charging operations are our goal."(ml)