I. D. Vizzion: Electric, Autonomous and streamlined

Wolfsburg, 19. February 2018

With the I. D. Vizzion VW is expanding its series of electric studies, a top-class sedan. To see for the first time the car is on the automobile salon in Geneva (8. to 18. March 2018). He should again show the Potential of VWs Modular electric, modular (MEB).

No Steering Wheel

As for the gondola-like Sedric (a design study of the VW group from the Geneva Salon 2017) are missing in the interior of the I. D. Vizzion steering Wheel, and other visible controls. Because the car is fully Autonomous driving. The inmates communicate via voice and gesture control with a virtual "Host" (host). This knows ", thanks to full integration into the digital Ecosystem of the passengers" their personal preferences and adapts to you. This means that the car can be linked with the Smartphones and the wizard, such as Amazon's Alexa, and also by Artificial intelligence getting smarter – an interesting, but probably for many, for privacy reasons, even frightening prospect.

The five-metre long luxury class car

The I. D. Vizzion is a 5,11-Meter-long sedan with portal doors. Two electric motors (one per axis) to bring 225 kW (306 HP) and ensure a four-wheel drive. The maximum speed is 180 km/h. The Lithium-ion batteries store 111 kilowatt hours and to allow up to 665 km range.

Study number four, on the Basis of the MEB

Up to the year 2025, the VW brand is planning more than 20 electric vehicles. In 2020, first of all, the compact car I. D. to start. It is the electric SUV by the name of I. D. Crozz and the electro-Bully by the name of I. D. Buzz follow. If the I. D. Vizzion is a view of a production model, VW is open. With top class vehicles, the brand has made so far, not a good experience. Thus, from 2001 to 2016, built the VW Phaeton was discontinued for lack of demand.(sl)